Celebrating the backbone of climate action across the UK

Politicians, activists and celebrities are the voices most of us hear in the news talking about climate change. Their voices matter, but they aren't the only ones. Scratch the surface and you’ll find there are unexpected sources of climate leadership coming from all corners of the UK.

We set out to find them. Our everyday heroes are everyday people. We found them by asking experts about people they’d met who inspired them. This isn’t an awards programme and our everyday climate heroes don’t receive any money or prizes. Each of them represent millions of others who feel the same way, and are trying to make a difference. We’re incredibly grateful that those individuals have given their time and energy for free to be symbols of the change that many others are also trying to make.

Britain’s most renowned photographer, Rankin, has captured these portraits of the people who are driving positive change in powerful ways, but who don’t normally receive the headlines or the limelight. They come from all walks of life. They are making an impact in an array of different ways and are driven to do so for many different reasons. They are the backbone of climate action. They are Everyday Climate Heroes.

This campaign was created by the Futerra Solutions Union, a non-profit endeavour of Futerra. We are incredibly grateful to all those who have supported the campaign.

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Become a climate hero

No matter who you are, what your interests or what your skills are, there’s a way to make a positive impact.